Join us Thrusday evening, Oct. 11 from 6:00-9:30pm on the campus of Southern Evangelical Seminary for this pre-NCCA event focused on women and apologetics (yes men, you're allowed to attend as well). Seating is limited. Registration is required via the NCCA registration page.
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6:00-6:45pm – PLENARY
Woman…Who Do You Think You Are? (Carol Ardizonne)
How did God design women? How does the culture define women? Will “transformation” refine women? Who do you believe? This will be a dynamic session as we explore the essence of what it is to be a woman.
LOCATION: SES Admin Building

6:55-7:40pm – BREAKOUTS
Evangelism 101: Experiences With Evangelism Before and After Apologetics (Heather Schuldt)
In 1993, Heather Schuldt began evangelizing, but it wasn’t until 2014 when she began learning the purpose and method of good Christian apologetics. She will compare her evangelistic mission experiences before and after applying apologetics. She will share some of her personal conversations, showing how Christian apologetics can give a Christian a more fruitful discussion with an unbeliever or with a person lacking Scriptural truth.
LOCATION: SES Admin Building

Old Testament: History or Hoax? (Kristen Davis)
Christianity is often undermined by the claim that the Old Testament should be viewed as a collection of moral stories rather than as an historical narrative of God’s interaction with real people, in real places, at real points in history. However, if Abraham, Moses, David, and others were not real people a significant amount of our understanding of God’s nature and interaction with mankind is lost. This presentation explores the reliability of the Old Testament, responding to specific arguments against the historical accuracy of the Scriptural narrative.
LOCATION: SES Edu Building Classroom

Humanity in Conflict (Kathryn Camp)
Who are we as humans and is God really necessary? Exploring what makes the complexities of humanity tick and why we are so easily manipulated. How insidious is the cultural deception? See what this means for our families.
LOCATION: SES Edu Building Westra Student Center

7:50-8:35pm – BREAKOUTS
Jesus Christ: Who Does He Think He Is? (Tricia Scribner)
Many Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and atheists insist that Jesus never claimed to be God. If Jesus didn't claim to be God, why should we believe he is God? Discover the truth about Jesus' claim to deity and equip yourself to respond to this crucial question.
LOCATION: SES Admin Building

Morality’s Foundation: Rock or Sand? (Kristen Davis)
Christian morals are clashing with modern culture at an alarming rate. Cake bakers, florists, and photographers are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law because they refuse to compromise their moral convictions. Yet many Christians believe that these individuals are misguided in their refusal of service. The different views stem from different ideas about the nature of morality. This session will delve into the nature of morality, the implications of moral relativism, and how morality relates to the legal system.
LOCATION: SES Edu Building Classroom

The Harmony of Faith and Reason (Carey Walton)
Many influential voices in our current culture are under the impression that faith and reason are in conflict, on opposite sides of an unbridgeable chasm. A Biblical understanding of each, however, assures us that the two are meant to work together, like two wings of a bird, to help us to know and love our Maker. This talk will look at how careful reasoning and trust in revealed truth should intertwine in building an effective, satisfying, and coherent Christian life.
LOCATION: SES Edu Building Westra Student Center

8:45-9:30pm – PLENARY
Open Q&A (All Speakers)
No question is off limits. This is a great time, in a smaller setting, to ask your burning apologetics-related questions to our panel of experts.
LOCATION: SES Admin Building


Carol Ardizonne
Carole K. Ardizzone, M. Ed. has Masters Degrees in Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and Counseling. She has spent 40 years as an educator and counselor within schools and in private practice. She is an author, columnist and host of an international TV show on parenting. Carole co-founded and now serves as the Education Chair on the Board of Brookstone Schools an inner city school ministering to the academically, socially, and spiritually under-served. The nature of her work led to continuous research and an understanding of God’s magnificent creation of the brain, how it works, and what we can do to get the best outcomes in our lives.

Kathryn Camp
Kathryn is the founder and director of Living Into The Truth Ministries. LITT is a Christian apologetics ministry based on the promises of Jesus, that if we abide by his Word he will live in us just as he lives in the Father (John 14:15-20). Her ministry offers a realistic look at how the Westernized culture has managed to create a mirage and a distortion of what it looks like to be a Christian; Kathryn is a national conference speaker, curriculum writer and researcher. She is a professor of worldview-apologetics and theology at the Wave Leadership College located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and an adjunct professor of evangelism and theology for Southeastern University based in Lakeland, Fl. She has over a dozen years of experience engaging young adults, youth, and adults on cultural and ethical issues with a biblical understanding. Kathryn has a passion for encouraging individuals to think about what they believe and why they believe it. Her mission is to build confident Christians in order to prepare them to thoughtfully engage others in faith conversations. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary and a Master of Divinity degree from Baptist Theological Seminary. She graduated with cum laude honors from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in the field of economics.

Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis is the Founder of DoubtLess Faith Ministries, a ministry that seeks to enable people to have confidence in the Word of God, in order that they might discover and deepen their relationship with Christ. She speaks internationally, is an Associate of Associates for Biblical Research, an Assistant Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University and an Adjunct Professor of Ethics and New Testament at Southeastern University's Jacksonville campus. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Religion, has a Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics (Highest Honors) from Biola University, and is working on a PhD in Philosophy of Religion at Southern Evangelical Seminary. She is also the Director of Systems Integration for a software hosting company. She studied World Religions in India and Biblical Archaeology in Israel and her passion is to defend the truth of Christianity through the use of both philosophy and archaeology. Her website is:

Heather Schuldt
Heather Marie Schuldt went on her first mission trip in 1993, spreading the gospel message in California. She has served with evangelical ministry teams such as Chuck Colson, Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades, Bill Glass, and Sibu Rajappan’s team of evangelists from Calvary Church. She served on a pro-life campaign that led to President George W. Bush signing the partial birth abortion ban. She has a biblical counseling certificate from Cornerstone ministry and published seven fiction books, six anthologies and one novella. Recently, she has spoken several times in live debates between Christians and skeptics. Currently, she is serving as the President of Student Government at SES while taking classes in the masters program. She has taught Sunday school and hosted adult Bible study groups. She has been married to Tim for twenty-two years. They have three children, one college daughter, two teenage boys, and one English Bulldog.

Tricia Scribner
Tricia Scribner is a Christian apologist who equips believers to share with confidence why Christianity makes the most sense of reality. Tricia is the author/co-author of seven books and hundreds of magazine articles, writing on topics such on mentoring, Bible study, and apologetics. Her most recent book is LifeGivers Apologetics: Women Designed and Equipped to Share Reasons for the Hope Within. She currently works as a writer/teacher at ReasonU, apologist Frank Turek’s online course program, teaching his Why I Still Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and Stealing from God courses. Having trusted Christ as Savior as a child, Tricia has served as a speaker/teacher for conferences and events for 40 years on topics ranging from mentoring and missions, as well as apologetics. She has also taught apologetics to senior high school students for 10 years in a Christian high school. Tricia holds master’s degrees in apologetics and in nursing, is a former RN, and is currently is a Ph.D. student at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. She and her husband of 42 years, Randy, live in Harrisburg, NC, and are active members of Hickory Grove Baptist Church. She also loves being a mom to three adult girls and “Nana” to nine grandchildren.

Carey Walton
Carey holds a Masters degree in Biblical Apologetics and is presently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Southern Evangelical Seminary. She teaches and speaks on a variety of apologetic subjects at conferences and churches, and periodically runs apologetics teaching conferences for youth.  Carey is a member of TEAM, an SES affiliated apologetics speaking group. She and her family make their home in Lititz, PA.

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