What specific topics will be covered at The National Conference on Christian Apologetics?
We will have a variety of main-stage and breakout sessions throughout the conference designed to deepen your understanding of subjects such as science, culture, and other religions. See the schedule for details. Schedule is subject to change without notice.

What age groups should attend the National Conference on Christian Apologetics?
The conference is appropriate for all ages, with the exception of small children. Children 10 and under are free, however, we are unable to provide childcare. Children must be supervised at all times. Surveys from past attendees routinely include statements like, "This is the best Christian conference I have ever attended," and "I was more inspired by this event than by anything else I’ve ever attended." We give God the glory for using these events to touch teens through senior adults. The event has been prayerfully organized with all ages in mind, though mature middle-schoolers and older will likely benefit the most. All are strongly encouraged to attend.You know your young person best and their interest in apologetics and evangelism. The summaries of workshops and plenaries will aid you in determining the appropriateness for younger students.

Will I be able to get a refund if needed?
The cut off date for requesting refunds is Oct. 5, which is one week prior to the event. No refunds will be issued after this date. Please allow up to four weeks to receive your refund.

Where should I park, and is there a charge?
Parking is free. Please enter the campus off of Rae Road and park in lots A and B.

Will meals be provided?
A limited number of food trucks will be available on-site for LUNCH Friday and Saturday. Attendees may either purchase meals from the food trucks, bring their own lunch, or visit one of the many nearby restaurants. Dinner on Friday is on your own, though some food trucks may decide to remain on site as a dinner option. The gym will be open as a dining room. Please note that the church has asked that absolutely no food or drink (including water) be brought into the church’s sanctuary.

Where will the food trucks be located?
The food trucks will be parked in the area behind the Chapel, between the main building and the Calvary Life Center. You may exit via the rear doors by the sanctuary, outside the Chapel, or on the hall way between the main building and the Calvary Life Center. The gym will be open, and tables set up, for dining.

Is there a lost and found?
The lost and found is located at the information desk by the main entrance near the exhibit hall.

Will there be presentations in Spanish?
Yes! See the schedule for details.

Are Continuing Education Units (CEU's) available for school teachers and administrators who attend the conference.
Yes. We are pleased to announce that Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are available for attending the SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics. No extra cost beyond normal conference registration is required to obtain CEU credits through SES. Make sure to check in at the information desk or the SES table to complete a CEU application. CEUs cannot be issued if the application is not completed and returned at the conference. If you have further questions, please contact SES Registrar Doug Potter,  [email protected] .

Will I be able to meet the speakers? Can I get a certain speaker to sign my book?
Maybe. Many renowned speakers come to participate in this unique conference. Most of the speakers will be on the premises throughout the event. We cannot promise that you will get to personally meet the speaker of your choice. But chances are strong that you will see the speakers in and around the facility. If the speakers happen to be headed to the platform for their presentation, or is going to an appointment with a journalist in the media room, please be considerate of their time. Southern Evangelical Seminary is blessed to annually assemble a list of presenters who are godly, gifted, and gracious.

Should I bring my unsaved relative, friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.?
Absolutely! In fact, skeptics can attend the NCCA for 50% off. Please call the seminary for discount codes. Apologetics and the wealth of data that affirms Christianity has a wonderful, two-fold benefit: Apologetics "reaches and teaches." It "equips and deepens the believer," but it can also "persuade the lost." At previous events, skeptics, searchers, agnostics, and unbelievers with various objections have found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an event that God can use to enrich believers and evangelize non-believers. 

Are people permitted to tailgate in the parking lots during the conference?
Barbecues and tailgating are not permitted on the church property.

Can I park my RV overnight at the church?
Our insurance does not permit overnight parking on the church campus. There is ample daily parking for your visit to the facility. Charlotte, NC offers several conveniently located parks for overnight RV parking.

I have been in church for years, but I had not heard of apologetics until recently. What is it?
Christian apologetics is the discipline which deals with a rational defense of Christianity. Our term, "apologetics" comes from the Greek word apologia, which means, "to give a reason or defense." It has nothing to do with saying, "I’m sorry." For the Christian, apologetics may include effectively explaining why we believe that God is real, the Bible is true, or that Jesus is authentic. I Peter 3:15 contains the admonition, ". . . be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason for the hope that is in you. . . ." The same wording is found in Philippians 1:7 and 1:17, where Paul said that he is "set for the defense of the Gospel." The principle is echoed in Jude 3, as believers are encouraged to "earnestly contend for the faith." The Bible contains examples of using evidence and sound reasoning to minister to individuals (see Luke 21:14; Acts 25:16, 26:23-24; I Corinthians 9:3). Apologetics deals with support for (and defense of) the core beliefs of Christianity. Examples are such topics as defending the authority and trustworthiness of scripture; presenting evidence in defense of Jesus Christ, His resurrection, and the Christian faith in general; and exposing the flawed reasoning behind many of the popular arguments against Christianity. Ironically, many people today think that they have legitimate reasons for rejecting Jesus Christ and that God does not have justifiable claim on their life. Man feels that he has an apologetic, but God does not. In reality, it is God Who does have an apologetic, while man does not. The Bible says that those who suppressed God’s truth in favor of their own sinful desires have no apologetic (or defense) for what they have done (see Romans 2:1).

I'd like to visit the Southern Evangelical Seminary campus while I am in town (Charlotte).
To schedule a campus tour, please contact the Director of Admissions, Dianna Williams, at
[email protected] or 704-847-5600 ext. 216. You might also be interested in our FREE Prospective Student Luncheon on Saturday (registration is required). There will be conference speakers in attendance along with SES staff to answer your questions. This add-on ticket option will display upon checkout.

May I financially support the ministry of Southern Evangelical Seminary?
Yes, and thank you for asking. We need your help! Southern Evangelical Seminary [SES] has hosted the NCCA annually since 1993. God is using SES to equip a generation of men and women to evangelize the world and defend the historic Christian faith. Your prayers and tax-deductible contributions are much needed, deeply appreciated, and will be faithfully handled. The seminary’s development office may be reached at 1-704-847-5600 x232 or 
[email protected] .

​Disclaimer and Video/Photo Release
SES does not necessarily endorse the views of all conference speakers, exhibitors, vendors, etc. Schedule is subject to change without notice. All efforts will be made to keep the online schedule updated as quickly as possible. We ask that you refrain from streaming entire talks or large portions of talks. As an event attendee, willfully attending this publicly ticketed event, you agree that Southern Evangelical Seminary can use your image/likeness for social media promotion, marketing materials, etc. For questions or concerns please contact the seminary at (800) 77-TRUTH.